In this blog I will explain why the Mr and Mrs quiz puts your bride and groom to the ultimate test.

No doubt you have seen the TV show where couples are asked a series of fun questions about each other in a bid to prove who knows each person better. 

The Mr and Mrs quiz is the perfect ice breaker for your wedding day and is guaranteed to get the laughs rolling on your big day.

mr and mrs quiz questions

How to Play the Mr and Mrs Quiz (The rules)

Firstly the purpose of the Mr and Mrs quiz game is to see how well the bride and groom know each other and match each other’s answers (or not).

On the wedding day the bride and groom will be invited to the dancefloor and your guests will gather round the couple. The couple will stand or sit with their backs to each so they can’t see the other person’s answers.

Note: Even though Mr and Mrs is the name of the quiz the same rules will apply for Mr and Mr or Mrs and Mrs.

Who will MC the Quiz

For instance you could get a member of your wedding party to do this for you but the perfect choice will be your Wedding DJ. More importantly they will have the experience & confidence on the microphone to host the perfect Mr and Mrs quiz.

When to Play

You have a number of options when it comes to playing the Mr and Mrs quiz over the course of the wedding day. You could do it during the drinks reception or during the meal. From experience the perfect time to start the Mr and Mrs quiz is after the meal is over just before the first dance.

This is a great way to get your guests off their seats and ready for the dancing at the start of the night.

Mr & Mrs Quiz Questions/Shoe Game

  1. Who is the better driver ?
  2. Who spends more time staring at their phone ?
  3. Who has the most exes ?
  4. Who would win in a game of Monopoly ?
  5. Who will be the most hungover after the wedding ?
  6. Who is more likely to start an argument ?
  7. Who is more likely to finish an argument ?
  8. Who is funnier ?
  9. Who is messier ?
  10. Who is more organised ?
  11. Who is more athletic ?
  12. Who paid on the first date ?
  13. Who was the first to declare their love ?
  14. Who proposed ?
  15. Who is the best driver ?
  16. Who made the first move ?
  17. Who is more likely to talk their way out of a speeding ticket ?
  18. Who is a pickier eater ?
  19. Who is more dramatic ?
  20. Who is more stubborn ?
  21. Who handles the groceries ?
  22. Who is a better tipper ?
  23. Who is more likely to steal all the covers on a cold night ?
  24. Who snores louder ?
  25. Who is more romantic ?
  26. Who plans more elaborate date nights ?
  27. Who is the tidiest ?
  28. Who is the best cook ?
  29. Who is most likely to deal with a spider ?
  30. Who has the worst handwriting ?
  31. Who is better when it comes to directions ?
  32. Who is the best chef ?
  33. Who wears the pants in the relationship ?
  34. Who is more likely to say something embarrassing in their sleep ?
  35. Who wakes up first ?
  36. Who stays up later ?
  37. Who is the better shower singer ?
  38. Who is more likely to max out their credit card ?
  39. Who is more likely to save all their money ?
  40. Who is clumsier ?
  41. Who is chattier ?
  42. Who is more of a thrill-seeker ?
  43. Who is more adventurous ?
  44. Who takes the longest to get ready ?
  45. Who is more likely to lose their keys/wallet ?
  46. Who does the dishes more ?
  47. Who does the laundry more ?
  48. Who is a better dancer ?
  49. Who’s the bigger party animal ?
  50. Who’s better at keeping secrets ?
  51. Who would last longer on a deserted island ?
  52. Who is more outgoing ?
  53. Who is handier ?
  54. Who is more likely to cry during a sad movie ?
  55. Who is more likely to scream at the sight of a spider ?
  56. Who is more likely to arrive late to an appointment ?
  57. Who is needier when they’re sick ?
  58. Who is the best gift-giver ?
  59. Who has a bigger wardrobe ?
  60. Who has the best style ?
Mrs and Mrs Quiz questions
Mr and Mrs Quiz Questions

Fun Fact….Did you know that in America the Mr and Mrs Quiz game is also known as or called the “Paddle game” or the “Shoe game”.

There you go, my full list of Mr and Mrs quiz questions that are guaranteed to get your wedding off to a great start full of fun and laughter. Hope you enjoyed my little blog.

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