Wedding DJ Cost:

How much does a professional Wedding DJ cost in Ireland and why. One of the most common questions I see time and time again on Facebook groups is “How much does a Wedding DJ cost”.

In this blog I delve deep into what you can expect to pay for your wedding DJ and the factors that affect the price of a wedding DJ.

What does the average Wedding DJ cost and how much can I expect to pay in 2021:

According to the Weddings Online the average cost of an after band wedding DJ (2 hr package) in Ireland in 2023 was €526.

This average cost was based on a survey of over 1900 wedding couples and was carried out in January of 2023.

The cost of hiring a Wedding DJ will vary for lots of reasons, such as the package you choose. If it’s an “After band DJ”, “Full Night DJ” or Full day DJ. Where the wedding is taking place, any extra add-ons such as a Sax player or venue uplighting etc. The years of experience they have.

And also even the time of the year or day of the week can affect the cost of hiring your Wedding DJ.

Fun Fact:

43% of couples surveyed struggled to stay within budget, with 13% spending over 5-10K more than they had planned to.

Average Wedding DJ cost in 2023
Average Wedding DJ cost in Ireland in 2023

Experience (Wedding DJ Cost):

You just can’t beat experience. Its is essential when is comes to choosing the right DJ for your wedding.

A Wedding DJ with experience knows how to read your crowd. Pick the perfect playlist to suit your wedding, how to announce your entrance as a married couple appropriately, and when to play which types of songs.

The peace of mind of having an experienced wedding DJ who can do all that, and more, is well worth hiring someone with a proven track record.

Equipment & Setup (Wedding DJ Cost):

There can be a massive different from Wedding DJ to Wedding DJ when it comes to their equipment & setup on the night of your wedding.

A professional Wedding DJ will have invested heavily in their PA and lights. No matter how big or small your venue or guests numbers, they will have the perfect setup to match your event.

Backup plans and equipment are something your professional Wedding DJ will have thought of and put in place in the event some piece of equipment breaks down on the night.

Something that gets overlooked too is insurance. Always check that you wedding DJ has public liability insurance in place as your wedding venue may ask for proof of this closer to your wedding date. If your chosen wedding DJ doesn’t have this in place your venue may not let them play at all.

Travel distance and cost and expenses:

A massive factor to consider that affects the cost of a wedding DJ greatly is the distance you Wedding DJ has to travel to your Wedding Venue.

Like myself most Wedding DJs will travel nationwide to any venue in the country or even internationally.

Most Wedding DJs will include the cost of this in their prices but it is a factor that can affect the price of your wedding DJ.

I am very lucky to be based right in the centre of Ireland and I can travel to most venues in under 2 hours.

But for example a wedding based in Kerry is going to involve a lot more travel time and in turn will cost a lot more than if your wedding was in Cavan or Meath.


In summary the following would be a good guide price or cost to pay for your wedding DJ in Ireland in 2021 depending on the Wedding DJs experience, demand, equipment and travel distance.

  • After Band Wedding DJ (2 hours of music): Guide price of €450 – €750
  • Full Night wedding DJ (4 hours of music): Guide price of €750 – €1,500
  • Full Day DJ (7 hours of music): Guide price of €1,500 – €2000
  • Ultimate All day DJ package (Civil ceremony, drinks reception, meal and Full Night DJ): Guide price of €2,00 – €3,000

The age old saying of “You get what you pay for” is so true when it comes to your Wedding DJ and the price they charge. You wedding entertainment is one of the biggest and most important elements of any Irish Wedding and this is not the area to cut corners on the budget.

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